Build a Culture of Mentoring

My Match empowers your people to self-select their mentoring match.
It provides a place where your people can find & connect with each other.

company knowledge share

Mentoring is evolving from rigid and hierarchal one-to-one relationships, to real-time agile learning across hierarchy, expertise and background.

This evolution is being facilitated by My Match, a secure place – an employee CRM – where people can browse and connect with the right person and right advice, on demand.

Build a culture of mentoring and internal knowledge share.

Mentorloop securely stores employee profiles in a centralised hub, which can be easily browsed at anytime by other employees looking for help or guidance in the form of a mentor.

Mentorloop software matching

Unlock the latent demand for mentoring and bring under-utilised talent off the sidelines. 

Your people can dive into the profiles of others, requesting a match with the person or people who best match their own personality, skillset, aspirations – or current need.

Promote an environment where your people drive their own learning & development.

Once the requested match is approved, users are connected into their own private loop, where they are free to communicate, progress, and build out their support network.

Mentor program matching


Employees fill out their profiles (skills, experience, goals), and are onboarded into the platform.

Mentors and mentees

Mentorloop houses all employee profiles – making them instantly accessible for browsing.

company culture

Each employee can browse, select and connect with the mentees or mentors of their choice.


Teams, associations, and accelerators can build Group Loops for team mentoring.

An HR or People manager maintains oversight and reports on program and employee outcomes.

Your employees will have access to L&D resources, as well as ongoing technical support.