iGRow by PMI

I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, iGrow Mentoring Program

 Thank you to the iGrow community around the world who have truly unleashed the power of employee engagement.

With special thanks to Program Coordinators,
Audrey Cally, Miriam Calvillo, Joanne Gerussi,
Lukas Hottinger, Michelle Lagrave, Maxime Magnier and Karine Tasli

PMI team

iGrow is a grassroots initiative created by employees, for employees at Philip Morris International.

It started in 2020 in Neuchatel, a small town in Switzerland, with only a handful of local participants. Flashforward two years later, and the mentoring program has expanded around the world, to a truly international, global mentoring program.

iGrow is proud to have employees representing the entire spectrum of the professional cycle, from members of the senior management team, to mid-level management, and new people within the organization. From the genesis of iGrow, the philosophy has been to empower PMI colleagues from across the world, giving them an opportunity to hone their leadership skills, expand their network, and  grow as individuals, supported by someone outside of their immediate team.

We started with 15 pairs and now we have more than 700 participants across the company, benefitting fellow employees from different departments and countries around the world.

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