Human Reconnection:
The New HR

Mentorloop-run mentoring programs uncover the latent demand for mentoring, and the hidden knowledge and experience lying dormant in your organisation.

The 95% of your people who are unengaged and under-utilised.

That’s where the real impact is.

Mentoring for organisations


Build a happy, productive, and inclusive environment.

Benefits of mentoring

The organisational benefits

Attract great talent
60% of university and graduate students listed mentoring as a criterion for selecting an employer.

Develop your people
Employees who receive mentoring are promoted 5 times more often than those who do not.

Develop your leaders
Managerial productivity increases by 88% with mentoring and training, versus 24% with training alone.

Increase engagement & retention
Effective mentoring boosts retention rates 69% for mentors and 72% for mentees in a mentoring program.

Promote diversity & inclusion
Minorities who advance furthest share one characteristic: a strong network of mentors and corporate sponsors.

Improve your culture
71% of Fortune 500 companies run mentoring programs.

“Mentorloop taps into major and unfurling trends that are transforming the future of work already. The company and its clients are positioned well for the huge changes we can anticipate over the next decade or so.” – Rampersand Partner Paul Naphtali.

Mentoring program people benefits
Mentors and mentees


Give people access to feedback, progress, and belonging.

The people benefits

Improved Recruitment Candidates

New opportunities & confidence
Employees who receive mentoring are promoted 5x more often.

New networks & connectedness
People want real connections and support. Mentoring provides it.

Improved People Skills

Improved people skills
Soft skills are more important than ever, but are becoming more rare.


Empowerment & accountability
People crave progress, and the encouragement to get there.

Organisations spend an average of $1200 per person per year on learning and development. Using Mentorloop, you can dramatically improve people outcomes for as little as $25 per person per year.

Mentoring program coordinator


Do a better job at your job, with less stress.

Mentoring program coordinator

The program coordinator benefits

Save time & work
Remove admin and reduce your workload. Focus on people and results.

Build a scalable people program
Move beyond the high-performers, and offer all your people access to development.

Become a true people leader
Effective people leaders are making a real impact on the bottom line. So can you.

Mentor program matching

See how other professionals like you are reaping the benefits for themselves, their people, and their organisations.