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What do association mentoring programs look like?

The National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO) mentoring circles program inspires women to take the lead. Learning from inspiring leaders, growing and build networks.

The Women Offshore mentoring program connects women all over the globe working at sea, building a thriving community focused on closing the gender gap in this male-dominated industry.


The Royal Automotive Club of Victoria (RACV) brings together Club members of different accomplishments, ages and talents to share knowledge and expertise outside the confines of individual workplaces.

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The Institute of Public Accountants mentoring program establishes mentorships between its student members and members in practice – ensuring future success.

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The Australian Medical Association mentoring program is designed to provide a structured and supportive relationship between medical interns and experienced doctors.

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The Industry Mentoring Network in STEM connects motivated PhD students (mentees) in STEM majors with outstanding high level industry leaders (mentors).

Create more value for your members.

Mentorloop enables associations to expand their membership offerings, and connect their valuable members into highly beneficial mentorships at scale.

This provides the associations with a consistent and reliable outlet for sharing and leveraging their extraordinary array of talent and domain expertise.

A great mentoring program engages and satisfies members, benefiting both your association and your members.

Mentoring software for associations

Thousands of associations members have access to great mentoring because their leaders chose Mentorloop.

of mentors and mentees said their program has been successful.

of mentors would participate in the program next year.

of members rated the participation/helpfulness of their mentor as good or very good.

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“My mentor has been friendly and engaged, and easy to communicate with. I feel that we received a proper induction to the program which has helped the mentorship develop more quickly because the expectations and plan is clearer. Thank you!”

Member @ The Australian Medical Association

How Mentorloop makes a difference.

Scale: Mentoring software allows you to offer a great mentoring program to more of your members with ease; manually run programs are limited to small scale and small impact.

Accountability: Ensure every member is enjoying your mentoring program by maintaining oversight of engagement and satisfaction via Mentorloop.

Efficiency: People at associations are already busy and time-poor. Get some of your time back (or don’t take any more away) by letting software do all the time-intensive work for you, with better results.

Measurability: Most associations don’t have the luxury of burning cash. Prove your program is a great investment with pulse surveys and ROI reports.

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