Ensure human connection thrives.

As the experts in human reconnection, Mentorloop facilitates genuine mentoring relationships for all sorts of organisations and teams.

Connect, support and provide a sense of belonging for your people without adding to your workload. 

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The right connection can change your life.

As the experts in human reconnection, Mentorloop facilitates genuine mentoring relationships.

Engage and retain your people without increasing your workload.

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Organisations putting their people first with Mentorloop

Create a mentoring program with real impact.

Traditional employee engagement programs that use spreadsheets and email are difficult to run and impossible to scale. With Mentorloop, you can ensure quality peer-to-peer, cross-team relationships blossom across your organisation with ease.

 Match your people into partnerships through an intuitive online platform – where they can communicate, upload tasks and events, set goals, access resources, and keep track of their personal progress.

Connecting people within organisations so they feel supported and engaged, especially through changing times, is at the heart of every Mentorloop program.

Improved Employee Retention  Connection, belonging & support

 Boost Learning and Development  Boost learning and development

Expand Knowledge Share   Expand knowledge share

Mentoring for Diversity  Promote diversity & inclusion

Improved Candidates   Recruit better talent

Mentoring program software
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The software uses integrated matching analytics to guide the matching process. This has given us greater confidence in the suitability of the matches. Additionally, the software greatly reduces the administrative load of running a mentor program.

Sarah Burston | Australian Olympic Committee

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One of the best things of Mentorloop is the personal customer service – as a customer you feel like the most important person in the world and they move the mountains to fulfil and exceed your requirements. Magnificent company, software and people!

Taina Jara | La Trobe University

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Mentorloop provides exceptional value for money, the tools to facilitate one-to-one mentoring while capturing data to quantify the value of the program and feedback on best practice.

Ronnie Wood | IMNIS

World-class software backed by world-leading investment funds

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Engage and retain your team with a people-first culture supported by the power of mentoring.