2 Minutes with a Mentor: Meet Dr Daniel Wilson

2 Minutes with a Mentor: Dr Daniel Wilson, a Registrar and Medical Educator for the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department and participating mentor in the Dr JuMP mentoring program.

Meet Dr Daniel Wilson – Registrar/Medical Educator (Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department) and a participating mentor for the Dr JuMP mentoring program. We asked Daniel about his hopes going into mentoring and how it has changed his life. Here’s what he had to say.

Going into the program, what did you hope to get out of it? Are you on track to accomplish your goals?

I have been a mentee to a number of different professionals and I have seen an opportunity to continue that and give back, as a mentor. You can gain a lot from these mentoring relationships and build on those interpersonal skills, time management, and personal leadership skills. Knowing I could build on that, I thought I could become involved, particularly within the Dr JuMP Mentoring Program!

What do you think the ‘secret’ is to a good mentoring relationship?!

Every mentoring relationship needs that special sauce like a burger! I have been in a mentoring relationship where it doesn’t flourish as well as you’d hope. 

There are times where things don’t go so well! To clarify a few things, the biggest pitfalls between mentoring relationships is under commitment, the mentor or mentee not being present, and when ‘rules’ of the relationship aren’t clearly set out at the beginning. 

I’ve been in mentoring relationships where no goals or meetings have been set and had very little structure. Learning from my experiences, my first sessions with mentees is dedicated to setting clear objectives, scheduling dates and ensuring it is mentee focussed/mentee led.

What is one way that mentoring has changed your professional or personal life – or for your mentoring match! 

From being put in a different mentoring program with a mentor that had the same shared interest but lived in a different city – I think it changed me as a mentee. Even though we didn’t live in the same city, it was an awesome mentoring relationship that I learned from. 

Mentoring can really help and is such a powerful tool to shape someone’s belief and mindset! 

As a mentor, it helped to build relationships with people that are early in their career. It can help your professional development, and it can be diverse in the sense that every person has their own path from which they came.

What tips or advice would you like to share with those new to mentoring?

  • Avoid those common pitfalls mentioned earlier
  • Be present, clear and transparent
  • (Be) learner focused

There’s also no need to know everything – there are resources out there available, it’s just about navigating to those resources! 

Dr JuMP is a coordinated medical mentoring program for regional Victoria. The program is designed to build valuable mentoring relationships that support all stages of training and professional development.

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