2 Minutes with a Mentor: Meet Aaron Musgrave

Meet Aaron Musgrave – a Senior Civil Engineer at AECOM and a mentor in the AECOM Graduate Mentoring Program. Aaron shares how being a mentor helped him develop some skills and become even more mindful of other individuals’ situations and interests. He also has some great advice for mentors out there!

Hear from Aaron below:

Going into the program, what did you hope to get out of it? Are you on track to accomplish your goals?

The mentor program provided an opportunity to give back and share some of my experiences, including lessons learned and success stories with one of AECOM’s graduates – this was/is the main focus for my participation in this program. The program has also given me a chance to develop my own communication and interpersonal skills as the ‘senior/mentor’ person in a professional relationship. So far, I feel I am on track to meeting these goals.

What do you think the ‘secret’ is to a good mentoring relationship?

I believe the key to a good mentoring relationship, or any relationship, is that both parties are honest and upfront about the expectations of the relationship. Listening and understanding one another is also very important and complementary to the first point. This (and other similar points) could be summarised as healthy communication between mentor and mentee.

What is one way that mentoring has changed your professional or personal life – or for your mentoring match? 

The main change for me throughout this experience is the heightened active awareness of someone else’s interests. For example, if there is something useful that I learn, hear about, or a painful experience with a client I go through, there is a framework in place (Mentorloop) where I am able to openly share those experiences with my mentee, for their benefit. The mentoring experience has been a great way to be a little less self-centred and be actively mindful of someone else (not that I would consider myself a selfish person).

What tips or advice would you like to share with those new to mentoring?

Be open and honest with your mentee and listen to them. It is unlikely that you will have all the answers, but if you can demonstrate a willingness to listen and show you are trying to help them, they will respect you and the effort you are putting in. Mentoring is about give-and-take; offer your experiences, particularly those where you’ve failed and learned something. Have a go – it is a rewarding and fulfilling experience knowing you are helping someone unconditionally!

The AECOM Graduate Mentoring Program focuses on mentoring and supporting first-year graduates through the transition from university to work and beyond. The program aims to help graduates progress in their careers by providing them with an opportunity to access guidance and support. It also aims to help participants expand their networks and hone leadership skills.

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