2 Minutes with a Mentee: Meet Perrie Suhr

Perrie Suhr, a Sales Specialist for HP and a mentee in the HP Power Up Mentoring Program

Meet Perrie Suhr – Sales Specialist at HP and a participating mentee for HP’s Power Up Mentoring Program. Perrie shared with us what she hoped to achieve by joining this mentoring program, what she thinks makes a good mentoring relationship, and what she has now achieved with the help of her mentor.

Going into the program, what did you hope to get out of it?
Guidance on attaining my business goals and yes, I am well and truly on track.

What do you think the ‘secret’ is to a good mentoring relationship?!
I think it’s key for the mentee to know what they want to achieve in order to be paired with a mentor with the right skills. Mentor experience and a good listening ear are also important.

What is one way that mentoring has changed your professional or personal life?
I now have a sense of purpose and direction for my career aspirations, which I didn’t have before, prior to the program.

What tips or advice would you like to share with those new to mentoring?
Be clear on what you want, even if you don’t know where you want to go. At the very least, know what you don’t want and often that’s enough to steer you in the right direction. If you’ve got a good mentor like I had, they will be able to offer you some guidance and advise.

The HP Power Up Mentoring Program aims to enhance learning & skills development opportunities, while encouraging connections across locations and departments. The goal is to create a culture of knowledge sharing and connectedness.

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