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Match your participants at scale, build momentum with contextual nudges, and measure your program success to optimise as you go. 

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Leave the 'old way' of running a mentoring program in the past

If you’re still matching people manually, reserving mentoring only for high potentials, or haven’t discovered the power of mentoring peer-to-peer, your program could be outdated. 

Explore how modern mentoring programs are helping organisations worldwide redefine the way they reconnect their people.

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Maintain Mentoring Momentum

The Mentorloop Mentoring Flywheel ensures your program continuously improves. 
As you continuously improve your mentoring program, adding participants only enhances your program – providing more mentoring opportunities for all and builds a robust culture of ‘always-on’ mentoring in your organisation.

  • Managing an agile mentoring program is easy with our three pillars: Match, Momentum and Measure.
  • Participants are supported through mentoring Milestones
  • As they advance, Mentees turn into Mentors, confidently transferring knowledge and experience throughout your cohort. 
the mentoring program lifecycle or flywheel

How the Mentorloop platform is different

Mentorloop’s algorithm is like no other. Where other matching algorithms pair participants individually, Mentorloop considers and analyses the whole cohort to ensure every individual receives an equitable match. 

As individuals move through their mentoring journey, they reach mentoring milestones. Tailored content is pushed to individuals at the right time, nudging them gently in the right direction. 

Feedback is an important part of evaluating any people program. Mentorloop surfaces regular qualitative feedback from individuals on their relationships, removing the need to wait until the conclusion of the program to perform a survey.

This also allows programs to be ‘always on’, embedding a culture of mentoring in your organisation.

Unlike other mentoring platforms, Mentorloop will never limit the mentoring potential of an individual by billing by the number of ‘loops’ within a program.

The number of mentoring relationships an individual can access with Mentorloop will always be, unlimited. 

Program coordinators, of course, have the flexibility to put a ‘match request’ limit in place when managing their programs to encourage intentional matching behaviours – but there will never be a cost associated with this. It’s just common sense in play.

This allows participants to access multiple mentoring relationships to satisfy a variety of interests and needs. 

Create a culture of mentoring where your people are always learning, supported, and sponsored to success