Use these resources to get your mentorship off to a great start

Mentee first meeting checklist

Not sure what to say or do during that first meeting? Here’s a checklist that’ll help out.

Top mentorship tips and work documents

Here are some specific tips and working documents for fostering an effective PhD mentoring relationship.

How to be a great mentee

Great mentoring relationships start with great mentees.

What mentors wish their mentees knew

Surprise and delight your mentor by knowing what they want you to know.

Use these resources to score more goals during your mentorship.

Goal-setting framework

A proven framework for getting effective goals out of your head, and onto paper.

Goal-setting spreadsheet

Write them down, set them up, and track them with this spreadsheet.

Achieving your goals

A great read about individual development planning, and how it can help advance your career.

Setting SMART goals

This one-sheet explains how to ensure all of your goals are SMART and useful.

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