The 2022
Impact Awards

Share your mentoring program's impact!

Running your mentoring program, you have seen first hand the positive influence it’s had for your people, organisation, and community.

Now, it’s time to share that impact with the world! 

It’s that time again, to shine a light on the mentoring programs that have made the benefits of mentoring more accessible to more people in their organisations and communities than ever before. 

Why should I enter?

Award-winning programs:

Awarded based on four key criteria:

  • The program gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from mentoring, not just a few “chosen ones”
  • The program endeavours to create a culture of mentoring in the organisation or community
  • The program strives to make/is making a significant positive impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion, whether explicitly stated as a program goal or as a natural result of mentoring happening in the organisation
  • The program coordinator/s has/have made a concerted effort towards achieving the target number of participants
  • The program is scalable whilst retaining mentoring quality and participant satisfaction
  • The program has undergone a significant expansion in the form of either the creation of additional programs or graduation from a pilot to always-on mentoring; or
  • The program coordinator/s run multiple programs for different cohorts

Some examples include:

  • The program has maintained an above average level of engagement within their cohort
  • The program has received positive feedback from the participants in their program

Some examples include:

  • There has been demand among members of the organisation or community to continue and/or expand the mentoring program more broadly
  • There has been a significant impact on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation or community
  • The program has enabled better connections between people in their organisation or community despite geographical hurdles

Mentoring Programs that embody a collection of these attributes more often than not, surpass the goals they set out to achieve. 

If your program resembles any of these pillars, we encourage you to submit an application. Winners will be announced in October 2022! 🎉

Congratulations to the recipients of the
2022 Mentorloop Impact Awards! 🎉

⏰ Applications Close: 30th of September

A look at last year's Most Impactful Program Winners:

USTA strive to be a shining example of what can happen when a workplace genuinely cares about being a truly diverse and inclusive environment.

This led to running a pilot mentoring to cultivate a greater understanding and awareness of different cultural backgrounds, while providing a safe environment for employees to learn about and share their experiences.

The pilot has ended with such a positive reception and overwhelmingly positive feedback, the program coordinators plan to scale it more broadly across the USTA.

EDF efficiently turned existing pockets of mentoring, into a culture of mentoring in their organisation.

After a successful pilot, 98% of employees suggested EDF should continue offering the mentoring program.

12 senior leaders participated in the program and representation from all business units and employee networks was achieved with the top supproted; Women’s Network 29%, Young Professionals 18%, Working Parents 17%

As a direct result of deploying their program in the way that they did, they now enjoy a diverse database of mentors and mentees, heightened insight into their employees L&D needs, and have removed the barriers that kept employees from forming cross-departmental/cross-network mentoring relationships.

women offshore

Women Offshore’s mission is to support women+ who work on the water. Women are such a minority in the industry that it wouldn’t be uncommon for women to be the only woman in their workplace. This meant there are very few role models and support systems for those starting out.

In an effort to address this, founder Ally Cedeno started writing profiles about women she knew in the industry and posting them on a blog. She interviewed women who have had significant experience in their chosen field and showcased them as role models.

The success of the Women Offshore MentorShip program has given Ally and Cassie the confidence to grow their community and realise their mission as a community.