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Welcome to the ‘Your Company Name’ Mentoring Program

We are running an internal mentoring program to enable you to connect and develop with other people at Your Company Name. Mentoring has been shown to have a number of incredible benefits (for both mentors and mentees), and we look forward to seeing your participation and progress.

If you have already registered and have an existing account, you can log into Mentorloop below.


We welcome new mentors and mentees! Simply click the button below to register your interest.

What you need to know..

How long is the program?
This round of matching will last through 2018 (12 months). We will then look at re-matching.

What’s the time requirement?
This is mostly up to you. We expect you to maintain contact once per month, at a minimum.

What support will you receive?
All mentors and mentees will be guided through the process with helpful resources and messages.

How do you sign up?
Simply click join the program and complete a profile form. You will then be accepted and matched.

If you have any questions please contact us, or see the FAQ below.

Otherwise, join our mentoring program and start connecting now!

How does matching work?

This is a self-serve program, so the information you provide in the recruitment form above will be added to a profile (you can upload a picture once you have been accepted into the platform).

Once you are in the program you can reach out and request a connection with anyone else in the program. Remember, only those who have asked to join are in this program, so make the most of the opportunity.

If I’m a mentor, can I request my own mentee?

Yes, that is fine, we expect mentees to drive the relationship but the platform has the capability to empower mentors to make the match too.

What is Mentorloop and how will it help me?

Mentorloop is a platform that helps to connect mentors and mentees. 

  • You can make connection requests without needing a go-between.
  • Mentorloop will help you match with a mentor/mentee with similar interests/goals/approach.
  • You can connect and collaborate with peers.
  • You have access to a resource hub full of helpful hints, tips and tools, so that you get the most from the relationship(s) when you need it.
  • You can keep a track and report on your progress.
  • You have full control of your availability and can adjust as required at any time.
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What advice do you have for mentees?

The first step is registering your interest above, and if you’d like to read some handy tips, click here.

What advice do you have for mentors?

The first step is registering your interest above, and if you’d like to read some handy tips, click here.

What if there is not a suitable mentor/mentee in my area or location?

We want to help ensure our company is more connected and to drive personal development of staff through mentorship, if there is not a suitable mentor/mentee available in your area we encourage you to seek a mentor/mentee in a different area/location. You can catch up via video chat or share ideas via Mentorloop chat or email – it just takes a few key conversations to change your career so please make the most of what’s available.

What is the login URL for the platform?


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