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What is cross-company mentoring?

Cross-company mentoring is the learning and development solution for small and medium business who don’t have the resources or time to build their own internal mentoring programs.

It allows employees to connect with a mentor or mentee outside of their own company for new learning opportunities, leadership development, new networks, and fresh ideas.

Workplace mentoring program

Why mentoring?

Mentoring statistics

Mentoring is a proven strategy for addressing the plaguing workplace issues of today. Issues that you and your small business face everyday.

  • 71% of employees are unengaged at work.
  • 94% of CEO’s report their companies don’t develop skills or leadership fast enough.
  • 30% of all employees are actively looking for another job.

By giving your employees access to mentoring, you provide them with more of what they want:

  • 75% of millennials deem mentoring critical to their success.
  • 80% of employees desire regular feedback.
  • 89% of employees think it is important to experience continuous on-the-job training.

The results: improved employee engagement, development, productivity, and retention – and better business outcomes overall.

How does it work for your employees?

Create a mentor or mentee profile

Any employee who would like to participate simply fills out a single profile form with fields such as skills, years of experience, and desired outcomes – a profile form created and sent to you by Mentorloop.

Mentoring program sign up
Mentoring program matching software

Get matched with a suitable mentor or mentee

Your mentors and/or mentees are then matched with the most suitable mentor or mentee for them – based on the profile criteria submitted above.

Connect, communicate, and progress

The connected mentor and mentee are then free to communicate via our mentoring portal – where they can chat, access tools and resources, upload tasks and events – and keep track of their mentoring development.

mentoring software

All of this is managed by the Mentorloop platform, which means less work for you.

But how much does it cost?

Not much. And there is no long-term lock-in contract. Give it a try.

Expand Knowledge

$10 per employee
per month

Business case for mentoring

Minimum 3 month commitment

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