Mentorloop feature update: Enhanced people management

Mentoring programs do not need to be a chore to manage. In fact, keeping an eye on what your users have been up to is easy – with the latest people management enhancements in Mentorloop.

As a mentoring program coordinator, your Mentorloop dashboard is a big part of how you manage the program at your organisation. Today, Mentorloop is excited to announce some major updates to the Users tab in your Dashboard, allowing you to better administer your mentoring program with ease.

Detailed tables

You can now sort the mentors and mentees in your program by the number of loops, group loops and/or goals they have currently active on their profile. This allows you to easily sort your users for a quick snapshot of who needs to connect in a mentoring relationship, or define some goals for what they want to achieve.



Enhanced Filtering

These tables allow you to create new filter combinations, allowing you to send bulk messages to specific cohorts of the mentors and mentees in your program (i.e. filtered by the number of loops, group loops and/or goals they have currently active on their profile). If you want to message invited mentees who are yet to define some goals, no problem!

Summary Card

Selecting one of your mentors or mentees from the table brings up a summary card, showing details of their Loops, Group Loops and Goals – all in one easy to manage location. You are also able to turn on or off their ‘My Match’ status here (i.e. show or hide them from the self initiated matching area).*



*NB not all programs have My Match turned on. If you’re interested in exploring opening up a self initiated matching area, we invite you to reach out to

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Lucy is the Co-founder and CEO of Mentorloop.

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