New Mentorloop feature: Email integration

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Great mentorships are built on a foundation of mentor-mentee communication and interaction.

Great mentoring programs are built on a foundation of demonstrable results and positive organisational outcomes.

Today, Mentorloop is excited to marry these two critical elements of mentoring success with the release of email integration.  

The ease of email meets the power of mentoring software.

What is email integration?

Email integration enables your mentors and mentees to send messages to one another from inside the comfort of the email inboxes they use everyday, while storing all these messages in their online mentoring portal (Mentorloop) – alongside their chat history, tasks, events, and goals.

Email integration also allows program coordinators (and organisations) to measure engagement and track mentor-mentee communication frequency more accurately than ever before – whether that communication occurs within the Mentorloop platform or via email.

The result: A better and easier experience for Mentorloop users, while enhancing usage and communications tracking and analytics for program coordinators. 

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What’s the benefit for mentors and mentees?

Mentors and mentees can communicate in the way that they want, when they want.

They can use the email applications they already know, or use the full suite of Mentorloop tools by simply logging into the platform.

This leads to simpler communication, more engagement, and happier mentoring program participants.

“We want mentors and mentees to learn the value of their Mentorloop portal for themselves. To get them engaged, let’s go to where your people are already communicating, rather than forcing them to come to us.”

Lucy Lloyd, CEO @ Mentorloop

What’s the benefit for mentoring programs?

Mentoring program coordinators can now accurately track mentor-mentee engagement holistically.

Email has always been one of the most commonly used channels of mentor-mentee communications, but until now, program coordinators haven’t been able to accurately gauge or measure how often these participants were in contact or how ‘healthy’ their mentorship was.

Now, all message frequency and analytics (in-app and email) will live in your mentoring software dashboard, which feeds directly into your mentoring program reports.

Now, you can accurately track program engagement knowing that you’re capturing all the data, and confidently derive the health of each mentorship.

What do you have to do?

Email integration doesn’t require any effort on your behalf, nor the behalf of mentors and mentees. Mentorloop integrates with email straight out of the box, so all of your mentoring program participants will be able to work with the familiarity of email – and all of the utility of Mentorloop.

Why email integration?

Mentorloop is designed to make mentoring relationships better; not more complicated.

We believe in a light touch approach to mentoring; an approach where mentors and mentees are empowered to communicate and develop productive relationships by providing them with the resources and tools they need to be successful.

That’s why we are looking to offer communication methods that integrate seamlessly with the other software that users are interacting with already.

Mentorloop is there to sit in the background of a relationship as a helping hand, not to become a burden.

See how email integration can transform for your mentoring program – grab a demo with one of our mentoring specialists:

See email integration in action

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