The Emerging Marketplace of Mentoring

A recent survey of more than 150 mature, experienced professionals has indicated that many would embrace the opportunity to mentor a younger person.

The joint collaboration between mature job board Adage and the online mentoring app Mentorloop, found that of those surveyed, more than 90% were prepared to give more than an hour of their time each month as a mentor.

While the ageing of our population presents many challenges for our community, an opportunity appears to be emerging whereby skilled and time rich boomers could be redeployed as mentors back into the community. The start up space has been embracing mentoring for years with many incubators and accelerators offering the ability to be mentored by other entrepreneurs in addition to start up capital to sweeten the deal.

When asked, ‘what could you offer as a mentor’ many believed their work and life experience would be of great benefit to a younger mentee. Networks with other senior business contacts and influencers also featured as another added benefit.

And all of this IP on offer for free!

Mentorloop will be launching an online marketplace in the coming months whereby budding entrepreneurs or small business owners can access a pre-screened directory of industry experts to engage as their mentor.

Update: The Mentorloop Marketplace has since recently been unlocked! Make your move, and sign-up today.

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Lucy is the Co-founder and CEO of Mentorloop.

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