Mentorloop User Guide

Not sure how to navigate Mentorloop? Here is a quick and helpful guide.

Welcome video

Watch this video to see why you should be excited about mentoring – and why you should be excited about Mentorloop.

First meeting checklist

Not sure what to say to your mentor? Not too sure what to bring to the first meeting? This checklist will help you.

25 Great questions to ask your mentor

Knowing what to ask your mentor is tricky (and potentially daunting). Here are 25 tried and trusted questions which you should ask.

3 Tips for making the most of your mentorship

Chris Myers, CEO and startup founder, gives 3 tips for anyone interested in getting something out of mentoring.

What mentors wish their mentees knew

We outline six habits of ideal mentees and provide anecdotes and views from our combined years of academic experience.

How to be a great mentee

Wondering how to be a great mentee? How do you start? What do you do? We are here to help.

What’s your mentors’ style?

None objectively better than any others, and all with their own tinge of awesomeness.

The power of goal-setting

Goal-setting is an integral part of any good mentoring relationship, and should be a constant companion in your personal development.

The Mentorloop goal-setting framework

Setting goals makes you and your mentoring relationship more successful. Ensure your goals are set correctly with the Mentorloop framework.

First meeting checklist

Not sure what to say to your mentee? Not sure what to bring to the first meeting or how to set the tone? This checklist will help you.

The mentoring agreement

The mentoring agreement will help you outline mentoring expectations, and set your mentee up for success. We all love success.

6 Things great mentors do differently

Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Co-founder of Web Profits Sujan Patel writes about what separates the great ones – from the not so great ones.

5 Questions every mentor must ask

These five questions, when asked in the order presented, form an effective diagnostic tool that can provide better guidance to mentees.

First time mentor? Here are 4 ways to make an impact on your mentee

Often, it’s a process learned from being mentored by others and by getting it wrong before you get it right.

20 Great ideas for mentoring activities

Here’s a list [infographic] of some suggested training and mentoring activities that you and your mentee can use as inspiration

What millennials want in a mentor

This young generation has specific expectations for what organisations and their managers should offer.

How to be a great mentor

Being a great mentor isn’t always as easy as it looks – but you can make it easier with these easy-to-follow guidelines.

5 Famous business leaders on the power of mentorship

“When questioned about their career trajectories, you’ll find that most successful entrepreneurs credit a mentor or mentors. No one learns in a vacuum, and it’s the men and women who are able to sponge up the wisdom of others – and then, when the time is right, pay it forward by becoming mentors themselves – who set themselves apart.”

Which companies use mentoring

Read about some of the amazing companies using mentoring as a powerful business lever, and perk for their employees.

What’s so good about mentoring?

Check out this infographic.

7 Reasons most people need a mentor

“This isn’t my personal opinion, it’s a fact: Studies show that most people who succeed have a mentor, a Rabbi (the New York City vernacular for mentor), and only as a last resort an executive coach.”


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