Mentoring at Roche

Roche Pharma Australia believes that all employees have the potential to grow and develop. Regardless of who you are and what you do, we believe you can continuously develop your skills and capabilities. Mentoring is the creation of a trust-based relationship in which an experienced person (mentor) helps someone with less experience (mentee) to reach their goals and develop both personally and professionally by providing advice, giving support, and sharing valuable experience.

It is usually provided by experienced managers or specialists in the organisation who are not the direct line manager(s) of the mentee. For mentees – this is an opportunity to learn, develop, and shape your own career through the real-world experience of a helpful mentor. For mentors – this is an opportunity to give back, and develop your leadership skills.

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
– Isaac Newton

Mentoring at Roche is a self-directed program made available to all full and part time employees in the Australian Roche Pharma affiliate and compliments a wide range of resources and opportunities  already available.

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Step 3

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Step 4

Familiarise yourself with relevant mentor and mentee resources in the Resources Hub via the sidebar. You’re on your way to mentoring success!

If you have any questions please contact Nick Milne, or see the FAQ below.

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Mentoring principles

You own it!

Mentees are responsible for:

  • Driving the relationship and their own development
  • Establishing clear objectives before contacting a mentor
  • Being prepared for meetings with a clear agenda

Both Mentees and Mentors are responsible for:

  • Identifying and connecting with a mentor or a mentee on the portal i.e. self matching
  • Coordination of meetings
  • Agreeing on the time frame of arrangement, frequency, confidentiality boundaries
  • Improving their own mentor/mentee capabilities by using the Resource Hub materials provided in the portal
  • Following through on commitments
  • Flagging with the program coordinator if they require assistance with their mentoring relationship
  • It is encouraged that Managers are informed of the arrangement in a Check-in but it is not mandatory


Can I invite people outside of Roche Australia?

Yes. They will need to Register and complete the sign-up form through the Mentorloop portal. Please send them the following link:

How does matching work?

This is a self-serve program, the information you provide in the sign-up form will be added to a profile. Once you have been granted access to Mentorloop’s portal you can reach out and request a connection with other individuals who have signed up.

What is Mentorloop and how will it help me?

Mentorloop is a platform that helps to connect mentors and mentees.

  • You can make connection requests without needing a go-between.
  • Mentorloop will help you identify a suitable match with a mentor/mentee.
  • You have access to a Resource Hub full of helpful hints, tips and tools, so that you get the most from the mentoring relationship when you need it.
  • Mentorloop can be used to store correspondence relevant to your mentoring relationship in your Mentor/Mentee ‘Loop’ for easy reference.
  • You have full control of your availability and can adjust as required at any time.
mentoring software features

What is the difference between Mentoring, Coaching and a Sponsor?

What advice do you have for mentors and mentees?

Guidance for mentors and mentees can be found in Mentorloop’s Resource Hub.

How long does the Mentoring relationship need to go on for?

As the Mentoring at Roche program is self-directed participants should discuss and agree on the appropriate time frame and frequency.

I want to take a pause… how do I temporarily prevent myself receiving requests from My Match?

If you’d like to hide your profile from My Match, please click Your Account in the bottom left, then toggle your availability to Hidden. If you set yourself to hidden, any pending requests can still be accepted or declined by the respondent.