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Welcome to the QUU pilot mentoring program. This program is open to our permanent employees across all areas of our business. Please complete the expression of interest form below if you’d like to be a mentee or mentor.

If you have already set up your profile and have an account, you can log into Mentorloop below.


Would you like to be a mentor or mentee? Simply click the button below to register your interest.

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Step 1
Complete the short profile form by clicking Join the Mentoring Program.

Step 2
Your program coordinator will email you an invite to the program.

Step 3
You can begin communicating with your mentor or mentee!

If you have any questions please contact Christine Garden, or see the FAQ below.

Matching is facilitated by QUU Mentoring Program Coordinator, using the information you provide in the expression of interest form (via the ‘Join’ button).
This program is designed to help empower our staff and grow the skills of participants through the natural coaching outcomes of a mentoring partnership.

  • Mentorloop is a platform which helps QUU to connect mentors and mentees and provides them a place to communicate.
  • Mentorloop will help QUU match you with a mentor/mentee who has a complimentary location/skills/background to you
  • You have access to a resource hub full of helpful hints, tips and tools, so that you get the most from the relationship when you need it.
  • To help you, Mentorloop will store correspondence relevant to your mentoring relationship in your Mentor/Mentee ‘Loop’ for easy reference.
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The first step is registering your interest above, and if you’d like to read some handy tips, click here.


The first step is registering your interest above, and if you’d like to read some handy tips, click here.

Feel free to ask your Program Coordinator, Christine Garden, to reach out or you can simply share this link with your contact to register their interest.


You can discuss with your mentoring partner how often you’d like to catch up; however, we recommend a quick coffee catch up / meeting at least once every 4 to 6 weeks to get the full benefits of mentorship.