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The ABN Coaching Program is opt-in, and we always welcome new coachees! Simply click the button below to register your interest.

3 simple steps to getting involved

Step 1
Register your interest above and fill out the short form.

Step 2
Your ABN People Team will check your application and send you an invite to the program.

Step 3
You will be matched with the most suitable coach or coachee.

If you have any questions please contact the ABN People Team, or see the FAQ below.

Otherwise, join our coaching program and start connecting now!

How does matching work?

The information you provide in the recruitment form above will be added to a profile (you can upload a picture once you have been accepted into the program), and this will be used to match you.

What is Mentorloop and how will it help me in a coaching relationship?

  • Mentorloop is a platform that helps ABN Group to connect Coaches and Coachees.
  • Mentorloop helps ABN group to manage participants at scale.
  • You have access to a resource hub full of helpful hints, tips and tools, so that you get the most from the relationship when you need it.
  • Mentorloop will store correspondence relevant to your coaching relationship in your Coach/Coachee ‘Loop’ for easy reference.
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What advice do you have for coachees?

The first step is registering your interest above, and if you’d like to read read ABN Groups resources on mentoring, click here

What advice do you have for coaches?

The first step is registering your interest above, and if you’d like to read ABN Groups resources on coaching, click here

What are the time requirements?

We suggest that you discuss and agree with your coaching partner how often you’d like to catch up; you will also be able to see on each user’s’ profile their selected preference for how often they would like to meet-up. Coaches are expected to have no more than three active Coachees at any one time.

What if a person I would like to be my Coach/Coachee is not in the program?

Feel free to contact the the ABN People Team, to discuss.

What is the login URL for the platform?


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