Mentorloop speaks with ABC Radio

Heidi Holmes, COO of Mentorloop, speaks with ABC Radio about Mentorloop’s seed raise and shares her insight about the future of mentoring.

Why mentors matter and how they influence success

Lucy Lloyd, Co-Founder and CEO of Mentorloop, has a chat with George Siosi Samuels on the It Will Come Show podcast about why mentors matter in the digital age, the importance of integrity, and tips for connecting with others.

Mentors and deals

Join Mentorloop Co-Founder, Heidi Holmes, and HRWins Founder George LaRocque as they talk on the HR Market Watch podcast (featured on the HR Happy Hour Podcast) about how mentoring software and HR technology is addressing the major issues facing human resources today. Also, get updates on the Q1 happenings of all things HR technology, including HR related startup funding – and recent competitive changes.

How to get the most out of your mentoring program

Mentorloop Co-Founder, Heidi Holmes, chats on the HR for Small Business Podcast with Brandon Laws. Take a listen to hear about how Mentorloop’s mentoring software is re-shaping organisational mentoring – and how you can get the most out of your mentoring program.