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I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, Amplify Mentoring Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinators,
Yamini Gupta, Gandharvi Nadkarni, Cleo Jacobs and team:
Alexandra, Benita, Kamil, Rafal, Surabhi, Adriana, Ewa Priestley

Amplify was introduced for our Global Product, Data and Tech (PDT) teams across 26 countries, five business units covering ~1300 employees.

The objective behind introducing a formal, structured program was to engage talent in richer ways, enable leaders and employees to find opportunities to hire and develop the best and connect employees across businesses, roles and geographies to enhance cross-functional collaboration.

When we began in August 2021, engagement survey results weren’t strong. Two focus topics were highlighted – firstly, whether employees felt their manager (or someone in management)showed a genuine interest in their career aspirations and secondly, if they felt this is a company where they have opportunities to learn and develop themselves.

One year later, these scores increased dramatically resulting in 84% (+9%) and 85% (+5%) respectively–a culture-changing increase in engagement for PDT employees.

The mentoring program for PDT was so successful that we have decided to extend it for all people managers in OLX thereby building a new cohort aimed at people manager capability.

As part of our adoption & engagement strategy, we rolled out a new idea: ‘no slide’ webinars with senior business leaders called #MyMentoringStories. Here, senior leaders/CXOs of OLX group talked about their mentoring stories. We conducted 5 such sessions that were attended by over 1000 employees thereby resulting in high engagement and promotion of mentoring.

In addition, we have run feedback campaigns (#MyMentoringMoment), learning sessions for mentors & mentees (#How to be a rockstar mentor or mentee) and created a microsite – that has resulted in great excitement about participating in Amplify, the mentoring program.

Dedicated learning pathways, roadshows and session recording exist for potential and current mentees, mentors and business leaders who are waiting to get started or have already started with mentoring program thereby democratising learning and giving a fair opportunity to everyone to be a part of this initiative.

The Amplify Mentoring Program has resulted in high engagement and enablement for our women employees who have come back from maternity leave or have assumed a bigger role, for employees working out of remote locations with perceived need to build larger networks and for employees looking to expand their horizons and build new skills. With this, we have also integrated this program for global campus graduates who start afresh and get mentors from Amplify to help them navigate the organization and their roles.

Our Amplify Mentoring Program, powered by Mentorloop, has enabled us to run peer-to-peer, reverse, women in tech and cross-geography mentoring engagements,

Thereby enabling us to realise our mission at Global Talent Development - to cultivate a growth mindset at OLX Group, where everyone is included and everyone can be their best selves.

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