Institute of Managers and Leaders ANZ

I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, MemX Mentoring Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinator,
Shivani Tholasi

No leader is an island. The right connection has the power to change your life and IML ANZ understands the importance of having the proper networks to open new leadership opportunities and broaden career horizons. The MemX Mentoring program is designed to spark these unique professional potentials, no matter which side of the mentorship you’re on.


Having a mentoring program in place for IML ANZ members has added to the diversity of benefits they receive. From the opportunity to establish quality professional network, to receiving support and guidance from industry experts, this program has enabled members to boost their confidence and hone and develop their leadership skills in order to achieve their career goals.

Shivani Tholasi

"The impact of our program is backed by all the positive feedback provided by the program participants throughout the program tenure.

Not only has our program's Mentoring Quality Score (MQS) increased by 16% in the last few months, the feedback from participants positively reflects the value and benefits that members receive from the program."

– Shivani Tholasi, Membership and Higher Education Coordinator

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