I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, Back Up Mentoring Service Programme

With special thanks to Programme Coordinators,
Sophie Elwes, Alice Ridley, Jacques Liebenberg and Roman Maczkiewicz

Back Up Trust Team

This incredible charity, Back Up, is committed to transforming the lives of those after spinal cord injury. Their programme demonstrates that the ways mentoring can impact individuals and communities truly has no limit.


Back Up mentoring is available to both people with spinal cord injury and their family members. It’s an opportunity to speak to someone (a mentor) who has been through something similar, to enable the mentee to deal with any challenges they might face now or in the future and to help them develop a positive outlook on their situation.

Sophie Elwes of Back Up

"This programme has enabled us to streamline the service delivery more effectively, allowing us to 'match' more people, enabling mentor and mentees to communicate directly with each other, without having to go through a staff member.

This previously took a lot of staff time and slowed down our ability to put people in touch with each other.

Now we’re able to connect many more people affected by spinal cord injury, to help them achieve their goals and improve their confidence following an often devastating life change."

– Sophie Elwes

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