I'm proud to be a part of the award-winning, Generation Change: Mentoring Program

With special thanks to Program Coordinator,
Rachel Morgan

AWDT knows the primary sector of the future will be a place for new ideas and modern thinking. To get there, we need collaborators, innovators and Kaitiaki for our land, water and wildlife. We need people driven by purpose.


AWDT’s Generation Change programme is a one-day workshop to help young women in tertiary study or training bring their true selves to New Zealand’s primary sector by finding the first step to meaningful work and making the right connections.

As part of this programme, following the workshops AWDT has utilised mentoring to support participants implement their career roadmap connecting with a progressive food & fibre leader as a mentor. The mentors are Alumni from AWDT’s other leadership programmes and supporting primary sector partner organisations.

To date AWDT has run 2 rounds of mentoring with 83 mentees and 68 mentors. Feedback has been very positive from both groups with many relationships continuing on past the recommended timeframe.

Mentees are finding value in the support, experience and connections mentors are providing them and Mentors are feeling a sense of ‘giving back’ and a re-ignition of their passion for the sector from the enthusiasm Mentees hold.


Rachel Morgan AWDT

"Mentoring is providing connection and support that is empowering the next generation of primary sector women to make a positive impact through their work."

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