New role at Mentorloop



Mentorloop is a Melbourne-based start-up making mentoring relationships easier to start, run and participate in. At a high-growth stage, we’re seeking an experienced developer to work closely with our small and dedicated team to take Mentorloop to the next level.

You’ll take a key role in the development of the Mentorloop product, working closely with our customer success team and the founders to realise our product’s potential to make great, repeatable and supported mentoring relationships happen. This will be a Melbourne-based role, working directly with the Tech Lead and dev team.


  • An experienced full stack JS developer – comfortable writing JS for the server and the client;  you write backends with Node and web apps with React and friends. Ideally you’ve got experience working directly with Meteor, Mongo and RxJS.
  • Experienced in coding for live, “mission critical” apps – disciplined approach to developing clean, maintainable and scalable code. You’re proud of your code being performant, secure and well tested.
  • Motivated by an entrepreneurial environment – you’re a self-starter, can work autonomously, and continually refer back to the broader vision.
  • Excited about agility – you love working in an agile team. You’ve got experience with the basic principles of scrum or a hunger to learn them.
  • Keen to learn, keen to lead – the Mentorloop product is undergoing intensive continuous development and we’re always looking for better ways to do things, this is not a role where you’ll sit back and deploy past learning, but accelerate your development as the product grows.
  • Collaborative – you’ll be working directly with the founders and dev team to continue to prioritise and build out the product feature set.
  • Ready to be an active participant in Australia’s start-up community.


  • Node/Meteor development
    • Experience writing production-ready Node applications
    • Familiarity and experience with latest ES standards and proposals
    • Comprehensive understanding of performance, security and scalability
    • Preferred: direct experience with Meteor
  • Frontend web app development
    • Must have experience with React and co
    • Must have experience with CSS/SCSS and a good understanding of responsive design
    • Preferred: experience with progressive web and mobile-first design
    • Preferred: familiarity with reactive programming paradigms and RxJS
  • NoSQL data stores
      • Good understanding of NoSQL data stores
      • Preferred: direct experience with MongoDB
  • Testing and QA
    • Solid understanding of how to write modular, testable, maintainable code
    • Experience writing and maintaining unit and integration tests for your code
    • Familiarity with solutions for monitoring and debugging applications in production
  • Ops
    • Strong understanding of Git or similar version control systems
    • Preferred: experience working in AWS and linux environments
    • Preferred: experience with CI solutions such as Circle
  • Peer Code Reviews
    • Comfortable auditing peers’ code and working in a collaborative environment
  • Workflow & Process
    • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
    • Commitment to continuously improving our processes


As a start-up Mentorloop is agile, in that we’re lean and able to react quickly to an emerging market. We are open, both internally and externally; we are receptive to feedback and enthusiastically collaborative. We’re also transparent, and happy to offer our experience and advice. We laugh a lot – a happy work environment is a productive one – and we laugh at ourselves at least as much as at anything else.

  • This is a permanent, full-time position, starting as soon as practical.
  • Please include your CV and examples of your work (including your GitHub username) in your response.
  • Mentorloop is open to negotiating a compensation plan commensurate with experience and commitment, and that works for both parties.

Think you’re a good fit? Email your CV to CEO, Lucy Lloyd.