Welcome to the Dr JuMP Mentoring Program

Dr JuMP is a coordinated medical mentoring program for regional Victoria. The program is designed to build valuable mentoring relationships that support all stages of training and professional development.

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Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
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If you have any questions please contact Alana Lee from the Goulburn Valley Regional Training Hub or see the FAQ below.

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How does matching work?

Matching is facilitated using the information you provide in the recruitment form above.

This program is designed to help empower our doctors and grow the skills of participants through the natural coaching outcomes of a mentoring partnership.

What advice do you have for mentees?

Wondering how a Mentor can help benefit your career? Click here for some additional reading to inspire you to join the program!

What advice do you have for mentors?

Wondering what role you can play as a Mentor? Click here to find out more information.

What if a person I would like to be my mentor/mentee is not on the platform?

Feel free to ask your Program Coordinator, Alana Lee to reach out to them or you can simply share this link with your contact to register their interest.

What are the time requirements?

You can discuss with your mentoring partner how often you’d like to catch up; however, we recommend a quick coffee catch up / meeting at least once every 4 to 6 weeks to get the full benefits of mentorship.

Who do I contact if I have a question or need help with the platform?

The Program Coordinator for Dr Jump is Alana Lee from the Goulburn Valley Regional Training Hub, (admin@gvrth.org.au). Alana can help you with any questions you have.