What’s new on Mentorloop?

Oh, I didn’t know Mentorloop could do that!

Here at Mentorloop, we never stop striving for better. So there are always little adjustments or new features on the horizon. There have been some changes over the past few months, so we thought we’d gather a few here, just in case you’ve missed them!

For Program Participants:

Recommended Matches

Depending on the style of program you are in, you may be provided with recommended matches – suggestions for a mentor or mentee best suited to you based on your profile and activity. These will appear on your Dashboard. Click on the tab, find your preferred matches – and connect!

See where your request is at

Have you requested a match in MyMatch or via Recommended Matches? Check back and see if you’ve connected, by navigating to the ‘My Requests’ tab.
You will also see everyone’s status on the MyMatch page next time you go searching for another connection.

Set your goals

The best mentoring relationships need a little direction to build momentum. Goal-setting with Mentorloop brings structure and assistance to navigating your mentoring experience. By sharing expectations upfront and setting goals, this focus can encourage you to readjust, refocus and redefine your action plan early, to reach your goals sooner.
By identifying what success looks like, this ensures you’re both on the same page and can build and maintain momentum, together.

Take a break with MyMatch Status

MyMatch Status provides you with the flexibility to switch between being open for match requests (available) or taking a break (unavailable).

This allows you to control whether any new mentoring requests come through and can help you focus on mentoring relationships that are already in full swing.

For Program Coordinators:

Mentorloop MQS (Mentorloop Quality Score)

Every now and then, Mentorloop checks in with participants to periodically ask them about the health of their mentoring match. This provides us with a rich dataset to assist you with making better, more data-driven matches.

The MQS of your program is industry benchmarked so you know exactly where the quality of your program sits. It’s personal and private, and provides an opportunity for participants to give candid, quality feedback on the success of their match.

Ease of Communication

When you manually change the ‘Availability’ of a user, the system will notify them with an email, cutting down on time spent letting people know what’s happening in their program.

Change in Program Coordinator?

No problem – when you add a new ‘PC’ to your organisation, your loops will now simply be re-assigned to the new Program Coordinator – retaining all the history with that ‘PC’ and continuing your conversations from where they left off, making onboarding your new employee a breeze.

For Everyone!

The Mentor Marketplace

There are so many benefits for organisations to run their own mentoring programs. But sometimes we want to look for a partner in mentoring beyond our own organisation or immediate community. So we’ve recently launched the Mentor Marketplace – a place for anyone to find their mentor, or offer to mentor others, whether they belong to a Mentorloop organisation partner – or not.

The community is growing every day, and you can join now – it’s free!

Join the Mentoring Marketplace

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