How 2020 Taught Us Physical Proximity No Longer Matters (for most things)

Long gone are the days when we had to be physically present to eat food from our favourite restaurants, grocery shop, see a newly-released film, or even do our jobs.

Technology—and the pandemic—have spurred us faster into an almost completely remote culture in which we don’t have to do much in person anymore.

Along with convenience, this also provides us with opportunity. And there’s no going back—the pandemic has shone a light on the flex future we should strive for that’s inclusive for all.

Let’s take a look at a few ways this new transition has transformed our lives and how we can harness it to our advantage.

Remote Work

Remote work truly is the future of work. Even big companies whose C-Suite was previously opposed to remote work have seen the light. Case in point? Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Back in February, right before the pandemic lockdown in the US in March, he said the company was seeking to hire globally since the company’s concentration in its hometown of San Francisco “is not serving us any longer.” However, while open to a more global workforce, he was still sceptical of remote work.

Fast forward to May and not only had Dorsey admitted the company’s forced transition into remote work was going better than he’d imagined, he told staff they could continue to work from home even after the pandemic lockdowns were lifted. Only people with jobs that require a physical presence, such as server maintenance, absolutely need to come in, and once things are back to a new “normal”, employees will have the option to come back to the office, but only if they choose.

Seeing as remote work might not just be a solution to working in the pandemic, but the way we work from here on out, how can we help our people adapt and thrive?

As we mentioned in our eBook The Definitive Guide to Remote Mentoring, equipping your people with the right remote tools and processes can help you lay a solid foundation. Once these are in place, engaging in regular check-ins to see how people are coping and finding new ways to work will help you take your workforce’s pulse and provide additional support where needed.

Remote Mentoring

Remote mentoring is another perk of this modern age. Now we can access mentoring partners across teams, offices, and international markets. Levelling the playing field in terms of accessibility. This not only allows for your employees to get to know people not directly related to their professional roles, but helps them better understand how your organisation operates while learning new skills from other, equally experienced team members.

Being connected across devices, work tools, and time zones makes it easier for everyone involved in your mentoring program. Whether they’re scheduling a digital meeting or simply need some quick advice, a remote mentoring platform can facilitate all tasks assigned to both mentors and mentees and give you, the program coordinator, the data and clarity needed to cultivate a rich and successful culture of mentoring.

While we still need physical proximity to receive a much-needed hug or a dose of socialisation (albeit safely these days), thankfully we’re perfectly situated to do our jobs and progress with our mentoring relationships from a distance.

What’s more, with Mentorloop, we can get you and your team started quickly, from setting up a profile to being matched in a matter of days.

Ready to get your mentoring program started? Learn more about the five key decisions you need to make in order to successfully match, build momentum and measure a program.

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