How ‘New Year Motivation’ Disrupts Your Working Culture

New Year Motivation

Death, taxes and performance cycles

Regardless of where and how you work, the New Year is an opportunity for many of us to reflect on the year that has been, as well as what lies ahead.

This can be both a positive and negative experience for those that manage people and it all comes down to one thing – motivation.

On one side of the coin, it’s a time where motivation is high. The new year brings a fresh start, a clean slate and new beginnings. Our employees are excitable and inspired to look ahead.

On the other side, looking back on a year that hasn’t met your employees expectations will be disheartening for them. Have they achieved enough? Have they developed in their role? Can they see a career trajectory on the rise? Does your working culture support their aspirations?

The new year uncovers inspiration to look ahead and if you have a poor people-first culture, they’re going to be motivated to look elsewhere.

Part of this self-reflection will involve, inevitably, a form of annual performance review taking place in your workplace. You’ll likely consider in partnership with your employees what went well that you’d like to see more of, what could be improved, as well as any goals you’re looking to set (both personally and/or together on behalf of the business).

As you set your goals together, it’s worth noting two thirds of all New Year resolutions are given up on before February. So how do we avoid becoming just another statistic?

It’s Not Too Late.

In fact, it’s time to get ahead – the new year is the perfect time to get started.

Capitalise on the new year motivation both you and your people will have, and kick off a mentoring program that will redefine your year. With mentoring software, it’s easy. 

Its (mostly) accepted that setting some form of goal or goals can be beneficial to both your team’s productivity and outcome. But regardless of whether those in your team are someone with a 5 year plan complete with specific goals and milestones, or whether they prefer to keep things flexible – keeping momentum is key towards achieving a successful outcome.

With powerful goal setting features, Mentorloop can assist in keeping these on track all year.

For many, it can beneficial to talk to others who have gone through the same experiences when overwhelmed by new goals. 99% of the time someone, somewhere in your immediate sphere of influence has written down the same goals once before. That means someone has tried, failed, or (hopefully) succeeded in these goals and almost certainly learnt a whole bunch along the way. If only there was some way of tapping into this knowledge base in a way that could help guide us in our own journeys…

Of course the answer here, is providing these opportunities for better relationships across our organisations.  

Mentoring relationships are one way of providing the structure and support necessary for your employees to hold themselves to account in their goals and track their progress over time. To ensure mentoring is part of the conversation in your workplace, be as proactive as possible in promoting and encouraging a mentoring-friendly workplace where your employees can drive their own learning and goal outcomes.

Start 2019 with every employee on a path to mentorship.

If you’re excited about leaning in to mentoring in your workplace, Mentorloop would love to help. We’ve built up years of institutional knowledge around best practice for launching, managing and promoting mentoring relationships within workplaces – both small and large.

We’d love to show you what mentoring could mean for your team in 2019, connect with us today.

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