The power to pause, on your own terms


Whether it be active or passive, the ‘opportunity for mentoring’, can be a perk for organisations that takes on more than one form.

During COVID, simply knowing someone could be there to guide them, might be all that one needs right now.

For others, this has been a good time to seek new mentoring opportunities and build their personal advisory boards, finding themselves in a time that has allowed them more freedom to connect, digitally and flexibly.

There is an opportunity in both of these scenarios, to ensure we’re continuing to build the most empathetic programs possible.

‘MyMatch’ programs allow flexibility for the entirety of a cohort to approach mentoring opportunities in the way that best suits them – as individuals.

What is the Mentorloop My Match Status?
Simply, it’s the flexibility to switch between being open for match requests (available) or taking a break (unavailable).

This allows individuals to prevent any new mentoring requests from coming through and focus on the relationships that are already in full swing.

My Match Status

Focus on your current matches

Mentoring can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you’re building your personal advisory board or focusing on a more one-on-one experience, you have the control to steer your own mentoring journey.

Changing your My Match Status creates that all-important space to nurture your current mentoring relationships, while preventing future requests coming through.

As before, you can easily manage the number of mentors or mentees at your fingertips and build your mentoring network at a pace that suits you.

It’s okay to take a break

We understand that sometimes, life or work gets busy or a bit overwhelming. To give the best of yourself to others, or work on your future, you need to be able to give the best of yourself.

So we believe in the power to pause, on your own terms.
Come back to Mentorloop when you feel refreshed and open to new connections.

Taking some annual leave? Lucky you!

This is a great time to flip the switch.
While you’re on a period of leave, you won’t receive any My Match requests during this time with the added bonus that…  

No one gets left hanging

By changing your MyMatch status, this ensures those that are after a match, can continue to search and connect with those that are currently keen.

Creating a better, more engaged community.
But don’t forget –

You snooze, you lose

Coming back from a break?
When you turn your out-of-office back on, don’t forget to flick your Mentorloop profile back on too 🙂

To start a guided culture of mentoring in your organisation, get in touch with one of our mentoring specialists, today.

Start a culture of mentoring today

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