Mentorloop Unveils New Mentoring Network Feature: My Match

The dream mentoring scenario for any company is that their mentoring program takes a bottom-up approach, where rather than a mentoring program be pushed upon employees and ‘enforced’ – employees actively seek it out.

Well that dream scenario is becoming a reality – with the unveiling of Mentorloop’s new feature, Mentorloop My Match.

Mentoring network my match

My Match allows companies to opt-into building an internal mentoring network, empowering employees to actively and organically seek out productive mentoring relationships with any of their fellow employees.

“We believe that mentoring should be accessible to all companies and all individuals. We also believe that the best corporate people programs are the ones that foster company wide support and garner voluntary employee buy-in.” says COO, Lucy Lloyd.

The feature acts as a social mentoring network: users input their background, skills, aspirations and goals – and then browse and connect with the employees who they feel have the most suitable background and characteristics to be their mentee or mentor. My Match places the control and onus of responsibility on the end users: the employees.

Mentoring profile my match


There are many benefits to allowing employees to self-organise into mentoring matches:

  1. Employees feel more committed to a process in which they have selected to participate and invest themselves in.
  2. Allows a smoother transition from one mentoring relationship to another – ensuring that users are always seeking out new learning channels and relationships.
  3. Allows the mentoring platform to be open to a whole organisation rather than offered to an exclusive group.
  4. Becomes an onboarding feature for new employees; “Just create your Mentorloop account and profile, and you can then select a couple of mentors at the company who you feel will best be able to coach and support you through your first few months on the job.”
  5. Reduces the admin burden on the program coordinator allowing the mentoring program to scale efficiently.
  6. Creates a network effect of demand, whereby happy and engaged users entice others to buy into the mentoring program.
  7. Creates a culture of mentoring – where every employee is actively seeking out productive relationships with fellow employees and where knowledge and experience share becomes embedded in the culture.

Use cases

My Match isn’t for every organisation or every people initiative, which is why we will always offer the more traditional approach to matching employees as well. Some use cases, including select diversity initiatives, HiPo employee training, or a mentoring pilot program often align more frictionlessly with the traditional program coordinator matching.


As a mentoring software provider, we believe that My Match is the future of corporate mentoring and mentoring at large. Democratising mentoring and making it more accessible to all employees (read: why employees need mentoring now more than ever) is a core tenant of what we do here at Mentorloop. 

Some companies are still afraid of rescinding control in their approach to learning and development. But they should be just as afraid as being stagnant and cautious, if not more so: only 13% of employees worldwide identify as being engaged at work; over 30% of employees are actively seeking another job; and employees who give their work culture low marks are nearly 15% more likely to think about a new job than their counterparts. These are critical components of successful companies today – and cost employers billions of dollars per year in mitigation, retention, and new hiring.

As a direct response to many of these plaguing issues, My Match enables corporations to build a self-perpetuating mentoring program that stimulates a culture of transparency, knowledge sharing, inclusion, and ongoing learning and development. And like any democratic driven process – the workload is shared, and so requires little extra effort or admin on the behalf of the organisation.

If you want to see a live demo of Mentorloop’s My Match, click here.

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