2 Minutes with a Mentor: Meet Ruchira Bhardwaja

Ruchira is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Future Generali India Life and joined the Generali Mentoring Program as a Mentor. We sat down with her to learn more from her experience in the program.

Going into the program, I hoped to understand more about the different work cultures as my mentee and I are in two different countries – Indonesia and India. I looked forward to taking part in a structured mentoring program using the Mentorloop platform.

I was also aware that pre-work and preparation were important to have a meaningful and insightful discussion with my mentee.

Ruchira shared with us a bit about the people who have helped her along in her career.

My mentors took interest and took out time from their busy schedule to guide me and help me focus on my development. They let me chart my own growth path. They were respectful and always maintained confidentiality, allowing me to trust them completely.

In addition to this, they have shared their wisdom and sponsored my career path.

This may be surprising, but my mentors were also my biggest and most staunch critics.

As both an experienced mentor and mentee, we were keen to learn what Ruchira believes is the secret to a good mentoring relationship.

Firstly, I think it’s important that a mentor takes the time to understand what exactly their mentee hopes to achieve in the mentoring relationship. I believe they should aid the decision-making process by asking incisive and insightful questions.

One of the key qualities of a good mentor is broadening their mentees thought process. A mentor should be providing different perspectives which their mentee may not have thought of.

We were keen to learn more about how mentoring has changed Ruchira’s professional life.

Through mentoring, I have learned new skills and have broadened my own thought process. I have become aware of the different ways of working, allowing me to play a significant role in the transformation journeys and organizational effectiveness in two different companies.

Our industry would be lacking without a program like this. Without external mentoring, it may be more inward-looking and linear in its approach.

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