2 Mins With a Mentee: Meet Nerida Bourne

Nerida Bourne is the Operations Manager at Comply Flow and a mentee in the Out For Australia Mentoring Program. Out for Australia is an organisation that seeks to support and mentor aspiring LGBTIQ professionals as they navigate their way through the early stages of their career. Their aim is to bring the community together, to offer a supportive and nurturing environment for which people can network, build relationships and assist each other in their professional journeys.

How did you feel about mentoring before this program?

Going in I was a bit unsure what my goals were. I hoped to meet inspiring people and develop ongoing genuine relationships. So far so good!

What do you think the ‘secret’ is to a good mentoring relationship?

Active listening, appreciation and mutual respect. Just like any relationship the energy put in will impact the outcome.

Can you tell us about your mentor?

My mentor shared real-life advice that was learnt through years of trial, error and reflection. I was able to apply those to my current professional challenges and feel confident doing so.

Do you have any tips or advice for those new to mentoring?

Figure out what you want then put yourself out there. You aren’t going to get anywhere waiting for the connections to come to you.

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