The Importance of Mentoring in the Workplace

There are so many benefits to mentoring in the workplace – employees grow and develop, employers retain critical talent and the organisation as a whole enjoys a sense of connectedness that many other programs fail to encourage.

In the eyes of potential candidates, offering a reputable and successful mentoring program can make you a promising employer. This becomes incredibly essential when competing for top talent.

A robust mentoring program can also increase retention of existing employees, ensuring that they feel supported, confident and understand that there are opportunities provided for them to develop within their organisation.

Mentoring in the workplace can also boost productivity, as employees improve their skills and become more efficient from the additional guidance and training provided by a mentor. During the process, mentors can also learn about their own work style and leadership capacity as they hold up a mirror to their own approach.

Initiating your own workplace mentoring program? We recommend sharing this video from Oracle luminaries Row Henson and Aaron Green to help bring your colleagues along for the ride!


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Lucy is the Co-founder and CEO of Mentorloop.

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