What we learned at HR Tech Fest

Last week some of the Mentorloop team embarked on a road trip to Sydney for the HR Innovation and Tech Fest. It was a busy two days manning the stand and conversing with HR professionals about their current struggles.

We managed to attend a few presentations and learned some valuable insights from some of HR’s top thought leaders. Some prominent trends we noted were eliminating bias across a range of different HR activities; the importance of employee recognition; the value of a feedback loop for employees and the organisation itself; health and wellbeing in the workplace – to name a few! But there were also some common challenges….

85% of employees believe that it’s their responsibility to reskill themselves

But with so many employees under pressure to do more in less time, burn out is rife. How are employees expected to participate in any learning and development programs if there isn’t time to do so on company time? Implementing a culture of mentoring supports on-the-job learning and development, with practical solutions for the employee.

There are plenty of tools to help employees upskill and reskill

Unfortunately, most employees feel that there’s not enough time to be constantly learning new processes or be across a suite of tools. At the end of the day, an employee’s experience with the technology they use is key: they won’t use it if they don’t like it and if you want to gather data, you’ll need your employees on board!

Despite the plethora of tech solutions, human-to-human connection is still important

In our conversations with HR professionals who attended, we identified that mentoring is on their radar. For most organisations, there’s enthusiasm from employees to participate in mentoring programs but as these aren’t structured, can break down soon after. Adidas’ Global Senior Director of Talent discussed how regular touchpoints and feedback sessions in an employees’ development plan enable micro and macro learning on the job.

With plenty of solutions in the HR tech stack, how can you simplify the employee experience and add more value in less time? At Mentorloop, we believe that mentoring is the right fit across an employee’s lifespan within the company: from new hire onboarding, goal setting and performance, parental leave, development planning, learning accreditation, promotion into a new role and offboarding.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Mentorloop has helped over 20,000 users find meaningful relationships which have helped shape their careers, speak to a mentoring specialist today.

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