5 Reasons Why Mentoring is Cool

5 reasons why mentoring is cool

I know, I know, it all sounds a bit try hard doesn’t it? Mentoring being ‘cool’ and all that! However, here at Mentorloop we think mentoring needs a bit of a makeover. It’s not that people necessarily think mentoring is daggy or that it isn’t of value, more that it is often viewed in a very one dimensional, traditional manner. That usually goes something like this…

  • Older wiser person (mentor) is matched with younger less experienced colleague (mentee)
  • Older wiser person imparts their knowledge on younger, less experienced colleague.
  • Mentor feels good about giving their time to a good cause
  • Mentee is enriched with knowledge hopefully helping to steer them on a productive course!

While the above scenario is a gross stereotype of the traditional mentoring relationship, for those who haven’t experienced first hand the benefits of mentoring, this is often the very simplistic view they hold of how it all works. However, in reality, in almost all cases the story is always much more varied for both mentors and mentees.

We are also seeing very interesting and creative reasons as to why people are compelled to specifically seek out the guidance of a mentor or in the case of the mentor, offer up their services to a motivated and enthusiastic mentee.

Here are 5 fab reasons why mentoring is the new black!

Meaningful Connections

There is no doubt technology has enabled greater connectivity however, the majority of these ‘connections’ we accrue through LinkedIn or Twitter offer us very little value. Connectivity is just so superficial these days! A mentoring relationship exists because two people are equally compelled to get something out of the relationship.

Accessible Knowledge

Mentoring allows anyone, rich or poor, the opportunity to connect with someone based on a common goal or interest.

Learning Is A 2-Way Street

Everyone has something to offer. The lines between mentor and mentee are becoming increasingly blurred and mentees are often able to provide valuable insights to the mentor as well.

You Fit The Profile

Are you a uni student about to graduate and seek career advice from someone who has done it all before you? Are you an aspiring female leader wanting to hear how someone has managed family and career? Are you a small business owner wanting to know how you could make your business better? The best thing about mentoring is that you create the brief, you set the criteria, you define what you want to get out of it!

It’s Cheap!

Now this is where sometimes people get confused but we are here to set the record straight! Mentoring is not coaching! Mentoring is altruistic and is therefore not a paid activity. Sure, in some scenarios a mentor relationship may lead to a paid gig but that is one of the many benefits that come from mentoring — new networks and new opportunities. A well functioning mentoring relationship will bring a money can’t buy experience for all participants.

And if you don’t believe me yet, read why mentoring will always be better than Google – yes, better than Google – right here.

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